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> 4GB / 3ware
> > Nothing - it just uses libpq's pqexec function. The speed issue in
> > pgAdmin is rendering the results in the grid which can be 
> slow on some
> > OS's due to inefficiencies in some grid controls with large 
> data sets.
> > That's why we give 2 times - the first is the query runtime on the
> > server, the second is data retrieval and rendering (iirc, 
> it's been a
> > while).
> That is what I thought, but what could explain the difference in query
> runtime (78 seconds versus 5 seconds) ?

Not in terms of our code - we obviously do a little more than just run
the query, but I can't spot anything in there that should be
non-constant time.

Don't suppose it's anything as simple as you vacuuming in between is it?

Regards, Dave

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