Hi all!

First thanks to any answer by now :-)

> You don't post your table definitions (please do), but it looks like
> test_b, test_c, test_d and test_e might be bigints? If so, you may
> want to do explicit "AND test_b=1::bigint AND test_c=2::bigint" etc.
> -- 7.4 doesn't figure this out for you. (8.0 and higher does.)

I didn't post table defintion, but you all are right, test_a to test_e
are all bigint. I use JDBC to connect to this database and use a
prepared statment for the queries and set all parameters with
pst.setLong() method. Perhaps this could be the problem? I'll try
'normal' statements with typecasting, because as far as I can see, the
query is the problem (postgresql takes more than 98% cpu while running
these statements) or the overhead produced (but not the network, as it
has only 1-2% load). Quering other tables (not as big - both rows and
columns are much less)  run quite fast with the same code.

So, thanks again - I'll try and report :-) Can't be so slow, I have some
self-build database with millions of rows and they run very fast - but
they don't use bigint ;-)


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