On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 22:20, Ron Peacetree wrote:
> The point Gentlemen, was that Good Architecture is King.  That's what I was 
> trying to emphasize by calling proper DB architecture step 0.  All other 
> things being equal (and they usually aren't, this sort of stuff is _very_ 
> context dependent), the more of your critical schema that you can fit into 
> RAM during normal operation the better.
> ...and it all starts with proper DB design.  Otherwise, you are quite right 
> in stating that you risk wasting time, effort, and HW.

Very valid point.  It's the reason, in my last job, we had a mainline
server with dual 2800MHz CPUs and a big RAID array.

And our development, build and test system was a Dual Pentium Pro 200
with 256 Meg of ram.  You notice slow queries real fast on such a box.

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