On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 10:53 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> After re-reading your explanation of what you're doing with the data,
> I thought of a possible explanation.  Is the "source" value exactly
> correlated with the external_id_map primary key?

Sort of.  In this case, at the beginning of external_id_map, yes, though
further down the table they're not.  For example, if we got new subjects
from 'SCH' at this point, they'd get assigned external_id_map.target_id
(the primary key) values that are totally unrelated to what the current
set are (the values in the external_id_map primary key just come off of
a sequence that we use for everything).

Right now though, since the 'SCH' data came in a contiguous chunk right
at the beginning and hasn't changed or grown since then, the correlation
is pretty exact, I think.  It's true that there are no 'SCH' rows in the
table after the first contiguous set (when I get back to work I'll check
exactly what row that is).  It's interesting that there are these
correlations in the the data that didn't exist at all in my mental

> what you need to do is incorporate the "source" value into the
> external_id_map index key somehow.  Then the index scan would be able to
> realize that there is no possibility of finding another row with source
> = 'SCH'.  The simplest way is just to make a 2-column index

I thought that's what I had done with the
external_id_map_source_target_id index:

statgen=> \d util.external_id_map
         Table "util.external_id_map"
  Column   |         Type          | Modifiers
 source_id | character varying(32) | not null
 source    | character(3)          | not null
 target_id | bigint                | not null
    "external_id_map_primary_key" PRIMARY KEY, btree (target_id)
    "external_id_map_source_source_id_unique" UNIQUE, btree (source,
    "external_id_map_source" btree (source)
    "external_id_map_source_target_id" btree (source, target_id)
Foreign-key constraints:
    "external_id_map_source" FOREIGN KEY (source) REFERENCES

So if I understand your suggestion correctly, we're back to the "why
isn't this query using index foo" FAQ.  For the external_id_map table,
the statistics target for "source" is 200; the other two columns are at
the default level because I didn't think of them as being very
interesting statistics-wise.  I suppose I should probably go ahead and
raise the targets for every column of that table; I expect the planning
time is negligible, and our queries tend to be large data-wise.  Beyond
that, I'm not sure how else to encourage the use of that index.  If I
changed that index to be (target_id, source) would it make a difference?

Thanks for your help,

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