Tom Lane wrote:

It would be interesting to see EXPLAIN ANALYZE results in both cases,
plus the contents of the relevant pg_stats rows.  (BTW, you need not
dump and reload to get back to the virgin state --- just delete the
relevant rows from pg_statistic.)  Also we'd want to know exactly what
PG version this is, and on what sort of platform.

Thanks for replying. I've got a message into to my team asking if I need to de-identify some of the table names before I go submitting output to a public mailing list.

In the meantime, again I'm new to this -- I got pg_stats; which rows are the relevent ones?

Also, I am running postgresql-server-7.4.9 from FreeBSD port (with optimized CFLAGS turned on during compiling)

OS: FreeBSD 5.4 p8


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