> > just FYI: tyan makes a 8 socket motherboard (up to 16 cores!):
> >
> > 
> > It can be loaded with up to 128 gb memory if all the sockets are 
> > filled :).

Another thought - I priced out a maxed out machine with 16 cores and
128GB of RAM and 1.5TB of usable disk - $71,000.

You could instead buy 8 machines that total 16 cores, 128GB RAM and 28TB
of disk for $48,000, and it would be 16 times faster in scan rate, which
is the most important factor for large databases.  The size would be 16
rack units instead of 5, and you'd have to add a GigE switch for $1500.

Scan rate for above SMP: 200MB/s

Scan rate for above cluster: 3,200Mb/s

You could even go dual core and double the memory on the cluster and
you'd about match the price of the "god box".

- Luke

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