Hi, I just have a little question, does PgPool keeps the same session
between different connections? I say it cuz I have a server with the
following specifications:

P4 3.2 ghz
80 gig sata drives x 2
1 gb ram
5 ips
1200 gb bandwidth
100 mbit/s port speed.

I am running a PgSQL 8.1 server with 100 max connection, pgpool with
num_init_children = 25 and max_pool = 4. I do the same queries all the time
(just a bunch of sps, but they are always the same). Using explain analyze I
get the fact that the sps are using a lot of time the first time they
execute (I guess preparing the plan and the sps I wrote en plpgsql) so I
would like to reuse the session the most possible. I need to serve 10M of
connection per day. Is this possible? (the client is a webapplication, I
repeat again, the queries are always the same).

Thanks a lot for your help...

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