So what happens is that under reasonable load we are actually waiting
for the CPU to process the code.

This is the performance profile for PHP, not for Postgresql.  This is
the post
And your point? PostgreSQL benefits directly from what I am speaking about as well.

Performance of PHP, not postgresql.

Actually both.


Running postgresql on a single drive RAID 1 with PHP on the same
machine is not a typical installation.
Want to bet? What do you think the majority of people hosting at rackshack, rackspace,
superrack etc... are doing? Or how about all those virtual hosts?

300ms for PHP in CPU time?  wow dude - that's quite a page.  PHP
typical can handle up to 30-50 pages per second for a typical OLTP
application on a single CPU box.  Something is really wrong with that
system if it takes 300ms per page.
There is wait time associated with that because we are hitting it with 50-100 connections at a time.

Joshua D. Drake


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