On 17-Nov-05, at 2:50 PM, Alex Turner wrote:

Just pick up a SCSI drive and a consumer ATA drive.

Feel their weight.

You don't have to look inside to tell the difference.
At one point stereo manufacturers put weights in the case just to make them heavier.
The older ones weighed more and the consumer liked heavy stereos.

Be careful what you measure.



On 11/16/05, David Boreham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I suggest you read this on the difference between enterprise/SCSI and
desktop/IDE drives:

http://www.seagate.com/content/docs/pdf/whitepaper/ D2c_More_than_Interface_ATA_vs_SCSI_042003.pdf

 This is exactly the kind of vendor propaganda I was talking about
and it proves my point quite well : that there's nothing specific relating to reliability that is different between SCSI and SATA drives cited in that
 It does have a bunch of FUD such as 'oh yeah we do a lot more
 drive characterization during manufacturing'.

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