Luke Lonergan wrote:
opterons from Sun that we got some time ago.   I think the 130MB/s is
slow given the hardware, but it's acceptable.  I'm not too price
sensitive; I care much more about reliability, uptime, etc.
I don't know what the system cost. It was part of block of dual

Then I know what they cost - we have them too (V20z and V40z).  You should
be getting 400MB/s+ with external RAID.
Yes, but we don't. This is where I would normally begin a rant on how craptacular Linux can be at times. But, for the sake of this discussion, postgresql isn't reading the data any more slowly than does any other program.

And we don't have the time to experiment with the box.

I know it should be better, but it's good enough for our purposes at this time.

-- Alan

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