* Swapnil Vaze ( wrote:
> We are using postgresql 9.2 on redhat linux instance over openstack cloud.
> Database is around 441 GB.
> We are using below command to take backup:
> pg_basebackup -v -D /pgbackup/$bkupdir -Ft -z -c fast
> Backup size created is around 84GB.
> However, it is taking almost 10 hr 21 minutes to complete.
> Looking for speed improvement?

pg_basebackup is single-threaded and the compression is pretty
CPU-intensive.  You could try reducing the compression level, but that
will make the backups larger, of course.  Also, there's a limit to how
far that will get you- once you get to "no compression", that's just as
fast as pg_basebackup can run.

If you're interested in a backup tool which can operate in parallel, you
might want to look at pgbackrest.



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