I see in the v10 release notes (2017-10-05) that there's been a change to 
"Improve performance of queries affected by row-level security restrictions". I 
am using RLS in a Postgres 9.5 database and am seeing some very bad performance 
when joining tables. Upgrading this DB to v10 shows a huge performance increase 
in some cases where RLS has proven to be an issue, but not all.

I see here 
(https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/14730.1508278004%40sss.pgh.pa.us), that 
Tom Lane (author of the commit for the aforementioned release note) remarked on 
2017-10-17: "I would *not* recommend RLS if you can equally well stick the 
equivalent conditions into your queries.  There is way too much risk of taking 
a serious performance hit due to a bad plan."

What's the current advice, and future plans for row-level security performance 
Though things have improved in v10, is there likely to always be that risk of a 
bad plan arising?

Jason Borg.

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