Laurenz Albe schrieb am 02.11.2017 um 09:30:
> Finally, even though the official line of PostgreSQL is to *not* have
> query hints, and for a number of good reasons, this is far from being
> an unanimous decision.  The scales may tip at some point, though I
> personally hope that this point is not too close.

I also think that hints are not the right way to solve problems like that.

I do like Oracle's approach with SQL profiles, where you can force the
optimizer to try harder to find a good execution plan. I _think_ it even
runs the statement with multiple plans and compares the expected outcome
with the actual values. Once a better plan is found that plan can be
attached to that query and the planner will use that plan with subsequent

This however requires a much bigger infrastructure then simple hints.

(Unrelated, but: maybe a compromise of the never-ending "hints vs. no hints"
discussion would be, to think about integrating the existing "pg_hint_plan"
as a standard contrib module)


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