Thank you for the clarification.

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> On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 6:02 PM, Mariel Cherkassky
> <> wrote:
> > This morning , I set the wal_keep_segments to 100 and I set the
> > archive_timeout to 6 minutes. Now, after setting those settings and
> starting
> > the cluster wals switch is working fine and I didnt see that many wals
> were
> > However, doesnt the old wals should be deleted automaticly ? Can I
> > delete archives safely ?
> Archives are useful if they can be used with a base backup which would
> allow it to recover close to the point has created WAL activity, up to
> the last finished segment to be precise. So if you have no base
> backups or standbys (for example disconnected for a long) that would
> use them, there is no point in keeping them. What defines the archive
> and base backup retention is your data retention policy. Do not touch
> the files of pg_xlog though, those are managed by PostgreSQL itself.
> It is also good practice to put the archives on a different partition,
> and to not have the archives in a sub-path of the main data folder as
> you do as those would get included in all base backups taken.
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