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>  60222
> 19085 Integrate Epicea 8
>       https://pharo.fogbugz.com/f/cases/19085

This is a big sync with Epicea, fixing and improving many things.

Change log:

- Pass on UI + search more consistent names (e.g. session -> log).

- Replace "Session Browser" by "Log Set" from EpiceaHiedra experimental package.

- Add EpMonitorModel, to manipulate EpMonitor via UI.

- Rename: apply/revert instead of redo/undo.

- Fix 18946: package does not exist when a category removal is announced.

- Fixes for Dark theme.

- Avoid using #name in some cases.

- Make EpLogBrowser composable (it needs to be correctly initialized when 
created with #new).

- Optimization: reuse entryReader with an instance variable.

- Encapsulate morph creation to a new class: EpMorphFactory.

- Delete Trait issue (case 19045): Avoid sending #name to nil.

- Add EpMonitor>>debug setting

- Ombu writing entries: Do not catch all Error but FileException.

- Ombu: Move writing error handling to EpMonitor.

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