2016-09-15 18:38 GMT+02:00 Ben Coman <b...@openinworld.com>:

> The question arises in this particular case due to...
>   RPackageMonticelloSynchronisationTest >> setUp
>       ...
>       Author fullName ifNil: [ Author fullName: 'Tester' ].
> Minor point... this check actually is a bit pointless since #fullName
> invokes #requestFullName that presents the dialog.  And #fullName will
> *never* return nil. At a minimum it returns 'Anonymous'.
> First step would seem to be wrapping  TestCase>>runCase:
> with   Author useAuthor: 'TestRunner' during: [ .... ]

Now with introduction of ExecutionEnvironment we could delegate this
behaviour to it.
So DefaultExecutionEnvironment will perform regular UI request but
TestExecutionEnvironment will set up special "TestRunner name".
We could define CurrentExecutionEnvironment>>systemUser to hide this logic

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