It would be especially nice if people wo *submitted* an issue tacker entry in 
the past
would take up the role of a “issue steward”, that is: make sure the issue gets 

- Is it still relevant?
- Was it already fixed?
- Is it really important? If nobody (and not you, either, cared for 8 months?)
- Push people to help. Ask on the mailing list! Put together a team. Fix it.

What is clear is that with 620 open issues, nothing will happen “automatically”.
(thankfully one thing: after 12 month of inactivity, your issue gets 


> On 20 Sep 2016, at 09:43, Marcus Denker <> wrote:
> Hello,
> We have *a lot* (really a lot!!) half-finished, “discussion stopped in the 
> middle” kind of issues
> on the issue tracker.
> It would *really* be nice if people could check older issues and push for a 
> conclusion!
> It is *much* easier to finish issues for those who spend already time on it 
> as opposed to
> someone reading and following the whole discussion.
> We are at 622 open issues:
>       Marcus

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