Tudor Girba-2 wrote
> Now, this is something cool, I think. Let’s investigate this further. One
> issue is whether the Pragma class should be modified to take into account
> the new semantics. 
> Cheers,
> Doru

A major disadvantage is that in other Smalltalks supporting tags, block
scoping isn't simply ignored/treated as a regular method tag, but a syntax
error. So a change would benefit from some degree of coordination.

With upcoming split between Clean/Other blocks you also have decide
polymorphically the valid execution scope; context-free clean blocks can be
executed as examples anywhere, non-clean ones will only be valid
inspecting/debugging a live object.

The same idea can, for the same reasons, also be applied to implement
asserts that are entirely free when disabled; 
[<assert> param satisfiesSomeCondition]
A change in global assert setting could recompile affected methods,
adding/removing #value calls to the block in AST as appropriate.

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