I want to add my 2 cent:

we need a nice diff model. Because now we have about 3-4 models used by visual 
tools, metacello, refactoring, etc… and all suck in one way or another. It 
would be nice to have a unified model (maybe epicea?) and build on top of it, 
so if we need to improve, there will be one place to work on.


> On 22 Sep 2016, at 11:49, Nicolas Passerini <npasser...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am not happy with Iceberg diffs so I wonder if there is a better diff 
> morphs around.
> Currently I am using a GLMDiffPresentation, which gives an easy way to show a 
> diff, but is not much flexible. Some requirements I have are:
> a. Configure coloring (currently changes are always shown in red for the left 
> version and in green for the right version).
> b. Provide a title for each side of the diff
> c. (more difficult) Show three way diffs.
> Also highlighting is just not right in current version, several times it does 
> not highlight correctly the changed code.
> So, do you know if there is a better way to show diffs?
> Thank you.
> Nico

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