Hi norbert

I like your names better than mine. It took me some times to understand the monitor and others.


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Hi Stef, ​No idea why Epicea didn't log your changes.

Me neither I tried to reproduce it and I could not.
Still I lost 40 min deep hacking.

About "monitor vs. log set"... the two new entries in World Menu > Tools > Epicea... I'd like user opinions to improve naming and UI. I can tell some things introduced in the latest integration.

- The Log Set
As you know, Epicea Monitor logs code changes (and some IDE events such as MC load/save and refactorings). Such data is placed in .ombu files in a local directory. Each time a Pharo image opens, Epicea Monitor logs code changes into a new ombu file. Those ombu files in the local directory is what is currently called "Log Set".

Session Set

Session changes
Last session changes

It is in the text. It writes changes since image start (=session)

- The Monitor UI shows the code changes since Epicea started to log.
===> This means it shows changes placed in potentially several ombu files.

Full Log Set

All changes

Why so complicated names? Why so different to before?


- The Log Set UI shows:
-- all the logs in the local directory on the left panel, and
-- the content of the selected log in the right panel.
===> This UI visually connects the logs to help user to understand how the ombu files are related. Note that the code changes displayed on the right panel belong to only one log (different than in the Monitor UI, that might show changes in several logs).


On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 4:57 PM, stepharo <steph...@free.fr <mailto:steph...@free.fr>> wrote:

    even better

        Smalltalk tools changeList browseRecentLog

    does not show any changes :)

    So I redownloaded the latest version of tried

    - changes something

    - exist without saving

    - reopening the image

    And I could not reproduce the bug.... Shit.

    So I lost my time.



        i introduced a loop (yes totally stupid) in menu morph icon :)
        so I had to quit my image.
        I thought that epicea would show me all the changes and I
        could not find how to do it.
        I do not know how to invoke the old recover lost changes...
        so so far I lost 40 min of dev :(

        I have no idea what is monitor vs log set in Epicea.
        And log set is just with the changes I'm doing :( not the
        ones I lost :(

        In cutting alpha image it would be good to make sure that we
        cannot lose our work :(

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