> On 1 Dec 2016, at 10:12, Yuriy Tymchuk <yuriy.tymc...@me.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I suspect that many of people want to have their Nautilus transformed into 
> something like this:
> <Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 17.33.27.png>
> yes, the critiques are inlined. In fact I just needed to add 1 line of code, 
> a the solution used in the MessageBrowser can be reused.
> On the other hand maybe someone prefers the list at the bottom and we are in 
> code freeze anyway. What I think is: maybe we can integrate this (as 
> essentially the functionality was “tested” in MassageBrowser” already, but 
> have it disabled by default and allow developers to turn it on using 
> preferences? This way the ones who want this can turn it on and provide 
> feedback whether it makes sense, while everything will stay the old way for 
> the others.

yes please. 
this is a “first impressions count”: no api change but UI change that makes our 
lives a bit better and pharo a bit cooler :)

So: active by default, opening a the box in preferences. 


> Cheers!
> Uko 

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