In Pharo 6 we introduced time limit for tests. Currently it is set to 1
minute by default. And concrete test cases or single tests can redefine it
with suitable value. There is also setting to change default limit globally
which should help to not adopt external projects immediately if current
limit is bad for them.

There is issue 19105
make limit really small. It will set default limit for 2 seconds. Slow
tests are already marked with bigger value. So it is safe for integration

Here I ask for your agreement with this change. Or disagreement if there
are good reasons to not do this.

I hope following story will convince you that default time limit should be

I worked on tests for new project and I got hanging tests. These tests were
waiting for some event which not happens because of bugs. They will be
failed after 1 minutes due to timeout.

But when you work on code you of course do not want to wait 1 minute. So it
always forces manual interrupt of running tests. But then you could not run
full test suite to see all problem tests. And also it is not really easy to
detect current running test after interrupt. You need analyze stack in
debugger and if you just close debugger information is lost.

So to fix it I change default timeout in each of my test cases.
If you will work on similar code you will need same approach to comfortably
detect and fix "synchronization" bugs.

So this was my story. I am sure default behaviour with small time limit
will make SUnit much better.
Common case is that unit tests are supposed to be fast. Users expect it by
default. And if something is going wrong fast tests should fail fast.
When user wrote slow test it is expected to know that test is slow. And for
such rare cases user can mark slow tests explicitly. But SUnit should not
expect tests to be slow by default.

I think it is really good improvement for Pharo 6. It makes TDD in Pharo

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