This is my weekly ChangeLog, from 13 March 2017 to 19 March 2017.
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17 March 2017:

*    So, I changed the build process for linux to do what I suggested 
    I also prepared the [zeroconf](http://get.pharo.org) scripts, but now I 
cannot build a VM because there is a 
    problem with latest sources. I hope it will be fixed soon :)
*    I reverted LD_LIBRARY_PATH I added to [zeroconf](http://get.pharo.org) 
scripts. There are two reasons for this: 
    * It was bugged.
    * It will not be necesary as soon as I can build new VMs because we will be 
distributing a script to execute in linux, with everything prepared there.

15 March 2017:

*    I made a new change to [zeroconf](http://get.pharo.org) scripts, this time 
going back to my location of 
    resources (libraries) on linux. This time, I changed the execution script 
for linux into something like this: 
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$DIR/pharo-vm:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH $DIR/pharo-vm/pharo 
--nodisplay  "$@"
    this needs to be like that due to the problem with libgit2 dependences, 
since there is still a possibility 
    that linux will found the incorrect library versions. 
    This matches with the old distribution script, who was adding: 
"$BIN/pharo" "$@"
    so now we will be on track... but still, the "regular" (no zerconf) 
distribution will not work out of the 
    box, I think we need to change it to the old script in some way. I will 
think how can we do that without 
    break our current process.

13 March 2017:

*    I continued working on [zeroconf](http://get.pharo.org): I added linux 
threaded VMs. Of course, not as default
    since it requieres a special configuration, but at least people wanting to 
use them now can do it.
*    Continuing with this "administrative" day, I updated 
[zeroconf](http://get.pharo.org) to use +PharoConsole.exe+ 
    in Windows VM. This will allow windows users to start an image from command 
line and be able to write to console.
    Now, to take advantage of this it was necessary to rollback a change I 
made... like 5 years ago! (it was one 
    of the first workarounds I applied to the image, when we were working on 
the CI for Pharo). 
    Anyway, the [case: 19832](https://pharo.fogbugz.com/f/cases/19832) is there 
to fix that.
*    last post I forget to clarify that I needed to do this update because 
older VMs didn't work on macOS sierra.
*    I made some administrative stuff and I updated downloads of Pharo 3.0 and 
Pharo 4.0 for macOS at
    [http://files.pharo.org/platform/](http://files.pharo.org/platform/), I 
also updated the "platform files" for this versions. 
    ... and I also updated the [get-files](http://files.pharo.org/get-files) 
files for Pharo 3.0. 
*    I started the week tooking some minutes to fix a problem in Catalog I 
caused when trying to enhance the 
    behaviour between sessions (fix is [case: 


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