2017-06-18 23:54 GMT+02:00 Tim Mackinnon <tim@testit.works>:

> I really would like the ability to ctrl-tab (or whatever meta-tab or even
> meta-some other key) reliably between windows - its frustrating that it
> only works sometimes via alt-tab. There has been a lot of great work on
> keyboard shortcuts, which I really appreciate - it would be awesome to
> finish the job and even add a few more.
> Does this thread help with this if it was implemented?

No because I am talking about extra platform independent shortcut modifier.
And for your case tab+meta is supposed to work. But by some reason it could
not work all the time. It can be related to image side or also to vm side.
As soon as we will move to sdl-driven window vm issues will gone

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