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> Hi,


thank you for this HOWTO! 

> username := 'YOUR-USER-NAME'.
> repository := IceRepositoryCreator new 
>       url: 'g...@github.com:pharo-project/pharo.git';
>       location: ('pharo-core' asFileReference ensureCreateDirectory);
>       subdirectory:'src';
>       createRepository.
> repository checkoutBranch: 'development'.     
> repository register.
> fork := (IceRemote name: 'myFork' url: ('g...@github.com:{1}/pharo.git' 
> format: {username})).
> repository addRemote: fork.
> repository pushRemote: fork.
> repository pullRemote: repository origin.

I am using "pharo-mac-stable.zip" and 
"Pharo-7.0.0-alpha.build.27.sha.c1c8991.arch.32bit.zip" and followed your howto 
and run into various Iceberg issues. Where would be the best place to report 

Open Iceberg, selech "Pharo", click on Branches
=> Error LGit_GIT_ERROR: Reference 'HEAD' is not a local branch.

Open Iceberg, double click on "Pharo"
=> DNU, #/ was sent to nil
UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #/
... IceSavedPackage repository location seems to return nil.

Are these known? Fogbugz? Github issues of Iceberg?


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