Hi ,

I am still not sure I understand the git based development workflow.

I set up my image and repository as described by the guide.

now, if new commits are in the pharo-project, iceberg shows the list of
changes (commits). Ok, but:

If I modify code in my image (for example, change a method in class Morph),
the morphic-core package is marked as dirty in monticello and my
pharo repository in iceberg is marked with an asterisk.
If I choose "synchronize repository ..." I would expect my change to be an
uncommited change, but instead, it isn't shown and the Morphic-core package
isn't dirty anymore.

Is it because I need to create a branch first ? But why is the Morphic-core
not dirty anymore, the change is not commited or published, how do I know
where are my changes ?


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