Does it work if you add the package, commit changes (without push) and
then in separate step do the push?

-- Pavel

2018-02-08 4:28 GMT+01:00 Ben Coman <>:
> If in the System Browser I do <Add Package...> and work a bit on it,
> then later want to push it to a new github repo, what is the
> recommended procedure?
> As a rough guess I tried the "New repository" button, then added the
> package and a remote, but then trying to push gives me an error...
>     LGit_GIT_EUNBORNBRANCH: Reference 'refs/heads/master' not found
> At the moment I've only had success first creating the repo on github,
> then cloning it - so I/m not sure how the "New repository" button is useful.
> cheers -ben

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