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> Hi Cyril,
Hi :)

> Why do you need to back port?  Why can't you use the 7.x VM with 6.x images?  
> The VM is intended to be backwards compatible.

For each Pharo release, Pharo defines stable vms.

For example, in a Jenkins bash script if we execute this:

wget -O- https://get.pharo.org/64/61+vm | bash

It will download a fresh Pharo 6.1 image, a source file and a vm of
the right OS marked as stable for Pharo 6.1. With this, we ensure that
a certain Pharo release will not have a different vm too often because
if changes are intended to be backwards compatible, there is always
the possibility a problem get through (for example one time OSProcess
stopped to work on OSX because of a problem with the system version).
So, I *can* use the vm for Pharo 7 if I get it myself but through
hacks in our scripts instead of using official distribution ways of
Pharo. I would prefer to only use official distribution ways in order
to reduce the complexity of our scripts.
In conclusion what I mean by "backport" is that Pharo officially marks
the current vm as stable for Pharo 6.1 to get it via zeroconf.

Cyril Ferlicot

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