Concerning this case I just opened: 

I’d like your opinion about it.

I just copy in this mail what I said on the case:

rotateBy: angle about: center 
    "Even though Point.theta is measured CW, this rotates with the more 
conventional CCW interpretateion of angle."
I think this comment does not explain what this method does.

What should be something like:

This method returns the point obtained after rotating myself around #center 
point of an #angle given as parameter. The #angle provided as parameter is 
interpreted as being in radian.

Additionally, I think the name of this method is bad, maybe it should be 
renamed to something more explicit like #rotateBy:around: or 

Maybe, if this method is renamed as #rotateByRadians:around:, the method 
#rotateByDegrees:around: should be added as well.



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