Esteban and I have agreed on some new url patterns (and changes to Tonel)  that should make things easier, however, neither of us has had the time to implement the features ... so I guess I can only say that you need to be patient (and use whatever workarounds that apply) until these new features make it into production


On 03/02/2018 06:12 AM, Peter Uhnák wrote:
you mean that gitFILETREE:// would somehow use TONEL? That hardly seems like a good idea.

However there's gitlocal:// ... (which iirc handles both) but I think that's iceberg specific.


On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 3:08 PM, Sean P. DeNigris < <>> wrote:

    Peter Uhnák wrote
    > you would need something like gittonel://, which doesn't exist

    Shouldn't this be done via configuration (e.g. .filetree) to cover
    like `github://` where tonel/FT cannot be embedded in the URL?

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