I have a little problem with Epicea and there is some things I would
like to discuss.

My problem is that I have a Jenkins job downloading a Pharo 7 image,
loading inside a little project via an eval command launching a
Metacello script. Then I launch tests. And then I archive the image.

When I get this image and try to open it with the
--no-default-preferences option, I get a window saying that I lost
changes and asking if I want to recover them.

The only two commands I launched on Jenkins where:

./pharo Pharo.image eval --save ' Metacello new blabla...'


./pharo Pharo.image test --junit-xml-output '(bla).*'

So here my first problem: I don't see why I would have lost changes.

Second problem: I did not include pharo-local/ in the archive. So there
is no ombu log next to the image. Even if I had a crash on the Jenkins,
I would not expect to get this recovery message since I have no epicea
log and cannot recover anything. At most I would just expect an #inform:
saying "A crash was detected but cannot be recovered"

Third problem: This is the case where I have the
--no-default-preferences option. If I don't have this option, the image
open, the epicea message open and I can do nothing because my Pharo
froze. I cannot close the message. I cannot interrupt (ctrl + .). I can
just force close the image and the loading of my settings never ends.

If I am right on the problems I'll open bug entries about them.

Thank you in advance.

Cyril Ferlicot

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