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> Hi,
> I am trying to write a Metacello configuration loading code from git in the
> tonel format.

Hi Clément.

First of all: Currently it is possible to use Metacello to manage a
project on github/gitlab(Saas)/bitbucket. Not a raw git on a personal
server. It should be possible in the future, but not now.

Second: The fact that you use tonel or filetree does not change the
way you will build your configuration. For both of them it will be a

> I checked all the configurations present in the default Pharo image looking
> for examples, but it seems most of them load code with Monticello.

Check BaselineOf instead of ConfigurationOf

> I found ConfigurationOfPharoMetacello which loads code from github, however,
> it loads code using the file tree format and not tonel format.
> Can someone point me to a configuration loading code from git using tonel so
> I can use it as an example?


This one is not with the tonel format but it will still work:

> Thanks
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