> On 5 Apr 2018, at 09:09, Marcus Denker <marcus.den...@inria.fr> wrote:
>> On 4 Apr 2018, at 21:50, Sven Van Caekenberghe <s...@stfx.eu> wrote:
>> Very cool. Impressive combination of unique Pharo features.
> It shows, too, that “doing an experiment on top” and then writing a paper is 
> one thing, but that true progress happens if you can actually integrate the 
> results back into the system.

And it leads immediately (at least for me) that I start to get lots of ideas… 

so now we accept a single method for test.

Why not… (random ideas)

-> For un-accepted code: Why not do something like this automatically at every 
keystroke? That is, after syntax highlight, we can just
    compile a method and store it as a method property on the original method 
(cost almost nothing).

    Then all those for an “implicit layer" that e.g we can very easily activate 
for the dynamic extended of the exection of an expression
    in the playground. You could even open a playground that default to that. 
There can be a button in the browser “run not accepted”.

-> extend it so that you actually “accept for layer X”, that is, you give a 
name to groups of these.
        -> and of course implement it that the whole group an be accepted as an 
atomic operation


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