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> Not stricly related, or maybe yes, but years ago in InfOil we started
> using Dolphin Smalltalk PAX format[1] for packages with Git, and we used
> that setting to store code in the repo, we didn't have any issues
> The .gitattributes contained this:
> *.img binary
> *.chg binary
> *.sml binary
> OurImage.img merge=ours
> OurImage.chg merge=ours
> *.pax eol=lf
> *.cls eol=lf
> .pax was the "package definition" and "method extensions" (methods not
> belonging to the package) file.
> .cls was the 1 file per class+class-side used by this scheme
> Even we did everything in Windows for some reason I don't remember (+5
> yrs ago) LF was better for Gitlab. What I also don't remember is if
> during the checkout in the Gitlab CI some conversion was used or not. I
> don't remember a lot of things, but I can ask them if you want.
> But I can confirm that this "trick" does work.
> Git for Windows even asks you if you want to automatically convert CRLF
> to LF during checkin and back to CRLF on checkout.

exactly what I want, because pharo/iceberg/tonel uses the system line ending to 
write the files :)


ps: otherwise I will need to add some support in-image and I don’t think is the 
best approach.
pps: now it remains to see if libgit2 honours the .gitattributes config

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> On 10/04/2018 18:05, Esteban Lorenzano wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> I’ve been wondering how to better fix the problem of having windows and
>> linux/macOS people contributing and the fact that files are written in
>> their native system format (crlf windows, lf for the rest of the world). 
>> I digged a bit and I found a couple a link that helped me (after trying
>> to understand the
>> doc): 
>> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/170961/whats-the-best-crlf-carriage-return-line-feed-handling-strategy-with-git
>> and it seems adding a .gitattributes file with this content: 
>> # Auto detect text files and perform LF normalization
>> *text=auto
>> *.sttext merge=union eol=lf
>> could fix the problem?
>> can someone confirm this?
>> (I confess this issue confuses me a lot :P)
>> cheers!
>> Esteban
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