In Object yes (to default to the existing #printOn: implementation), but
there are several other implementors of #displayOn: that work completely
different (e.g. Collection, UndefinedObject, etc).

Nonetheless, I think the #printOn:/#displayOn: is a good practice, in my
Pharo classes I "polyfill" what's missing to support it.


On 10/04/2018 19:42, Benoit St-Jean wrote:
> As far as I can remember, yes.  Dolphin has always been like that.
> ***BUT*** you will also notice that Dolphin has always used #printOn:
> inside #displayOn: ! (Latest image is also like that)
> On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 6:33:05 p.m. EDT, Esteban A. Maringolo
> <> wrote:
> Current VisualWorks (8.x) has #Object>>displayString but it is not
> implemented in terms of #displayOn:
> Dolphin Smalltalk is the one that has #displayString implemented in
> terms of #displayOn: and uses #displayString in all end user
> presentations of the object, so for aPerson, the inspector would show 'a
> Person('John Doe')' and on a end user ListView the same instance would
> show 'John Doe'.
> It is like that since Dolphin 5 at least (~2003?).

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