The Pharo Monthly Newsletter is working quite well. 
https://newsletter.pharo.org <https://newsletter.pharo.org/>

We now reached a level where it is not just 3 things, but much much more..  of 
course this comes with a downside:
        - Sometimes topics that would be worth a small article are just posted 
as a one-liners
        - I forget / overlook things for sure (so much happening!)

If you want your (or some other project or topic) to be in the newsletter —> 
send me a mail, in the best of all cases
with a fully written text that you want to have posted.

This includes:
        - new libraries and projects
        - dates
        - high level description of existing projects
        - videos
        - Blog posts
        - books
        - lectures
        - Success Stories of all kinds (nice to present your Company!)
        - Research (e.g. published papers or project descriptions)
        - Expanded versions of news posted as one-liners before
        - ….    

There is a explicit jobs section, too. 


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