Hi Phil,

I can help you to fix this issue. Can you tell me the list of the files in the 
folder that is designed by the error?
And in the parent folder, there should be a zip file with the same name, can 
you check if Pharo.exe is here and if the file list is the same?
It will be nice if you can serialize the stack and send it to me / post it in a 
new github issue: https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-launcher/issues .



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Subject: [Pharo-dev] Pharo Launcher on Windows > Failing

I wanted to try Pharo Laucher before the tech talk

But I get this when asking for an image


I do not even know what is going on and I am an "experienced user".

The impression this gives to a newcomer is utterly disastrous.

We are really on a bad path on this.

I'd like to get through this with some Launcher expert and fix this for good.


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