Hi Phil,

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> I guess that it is what I installed and it works fine on my Win 10 system.
> Nice icon BTW.
> Now there is an issue with the mouse pointer in the launcher and all pther 
> images (so maybe a VM problem).
> The cursor is all black and tiny and has no white surroundings. In a dark 
> theme the cursor is close to invisible.
> Also the cursor is not obeying the magnification setting of Windows. It 
> worked before.
> I guess that the cursor masks are  not applied properly + other new stuff.

Is the manifest (Pharo.exe.manifest ?) being installed?

> That is ruining the whole Pharo experience for me (and I guess newcomers).
> Phil
>> On Mon, Apr 16, 2018, 16:14 Christophe Demarey <christophe.dema...@inria.fr> 
>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Regarding the various problems Pharo Launchers had on Windows, we worked on 
>> a new installer based on Advanced Installer [1] to avoid UAC (User Account 
>> Control) and write permissions problems. This new installer now installs 
>> Pharo Launcher in the user’s local app data folder (where for sure, he has 
>> write permissions). Pharo Launcher also now have its own icon and use its 
>> own name instead of Pharo. Also, the uninstaller now works as expected. Last 
>> but not least, the installer is now signed to avoid warning of Windows 
>> Defender.
>> Thanks to Ben Coman who did the first version of the packaging using 
>> Advanced Installer (was NSIS).
>> This version should also improve the launch of Pharo images on Windows.
>> So, please could you install and test this new version: and report any 
>> problem with it? http://files.pharo.org/pharo-launcher/win-alpha/
>> We do not have windows users around so it’s hard to know if it works outside 
>> our tests boxes.
>> Thanks,
>> Christophe
>> [1] https://www.advancedinstaller.com/

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