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> 2018-05-17 13:00 GMT+03:00 Marcus Denker <marcus.den...@inria.fr 
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>> I really wonder if this is the same as breakpoint. E.g. it only applies to 
>> the whole method, it is not an “action”, so a guter icon
>> seems to be not the right visualization.
>> Hm, I would like to see indication in method table that some methods have 
>> "uncommited" changes. But it is not necessary should be icon. It can be star 
>> prefix in name like in dirty tabs.
> Yes, an indication is important (with some UI to just forget the non-accepted 
> code).
> Could be a prefix in the tab… or/and something in the footer? In the footer I 
> guess it would be easy to add a menu with some options (browse all 
> un-accepted, accept, undo)
> Yes. And such method can open editor always in dirty state. Many options.
> Another issue is how to work with breakpoints and others. 
> What the target method for them? original or attached one? 
oh… good question. As we recompile, I guess that old breakpoints should not be 
active, but one should be able to define new ones… (but how to visualise that?).

If one thinks this through, what we really want is maybe a full-blown “Layer” 

But: this is a lot of work. With even more open Questions :-)


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