Yes It works thanks!


But, it is still not an optimal solution because you need to install git bash 
and in windows bash scripts you have to mix with git bash commands.





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Did you try it in git bash (after installing git on Windows)? Git bash has a 
lot of support (I think I used zeroconf that way before moving to WSL), 
although it is not as much as cygwin. 

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Hi all,


I wanted to try to get a Pharo image (the headless one to try the new gtk 
binding) through the Pharo Zero conf on a Windows 10 machine.

So, I ran in the Powershell and the cmd: curl | bash

But bash is not recognized under windows, so you end by looking into the and look tediously for the vm or the image you are 
looking for.


I was wondering if there are some projects aiming to use the windows cmd or 
powershell for zeroconf. Otherwise, what will be the cost to do it?


(Of course, I could install Cygwin or MinCw (with some additional packages like 
unzip which is not in the default configuration), but the goal here is to have 
it on the shelf).






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