Hi all, due to the current state of the world I'm trying to spend some time 
helping with the Pharo books on the SquareBracketsAssociate's GitHub site 
(editing, contributing, etc.)

I am very familiar with LaTeX, but I see that almost everything is using Pillar 
now. So I figured I would jump in and give Pillar a try. I've come to a 
screeching halt. Well, almost. I'm being dramatic, but the process has been a 
bit frustrating. Here's a small list of some of the frustrations I'm facing:

1. Most of the books appear to have been written in an older version of Pillar 
(7.7.4 according to the main page of the pillar-markup site, but I'm not sure 
how true this is).
2. After generating Html versions of several books (using 'pillar build html') 
I get readable output, but none of the chapters are numbered. This happens with 
existing book(lets) and also when I create a brand new book from the book 
archetype. I tried v8.0.2, then downgraded to 7.7.5, then to 7.7.4, and did not 
see any changes - I still have no chapter numbers. Perhaps I need to go back 
even further? If so, how can I tell which version of Pillar the last successful 
build of a booklet was created with? (other than comparing last publish dates 
with release dates of Pillar, and am I heading into dependency hell by 
installing older versions of Pillar?)
3. Pdf output halts with an error and doesn't even build. I'm getting errors 
related to OSSUnixSubprocess, so I'm assuming it's having trouble with my 
texlive config - I see some scripts have hardcoded texlive as being installed 
in the home folder (of which mine is not - I'm using ubuntu 19.10 with a 
standard texlive install).
4. The releases tab for most of the booklets sometimes contains a pdf, but most 
of the time, it doesn't. I'm sure it has to do with changes in the CI process 
over the years, but I would think this should be an important consistency to 

Anyway, I get it; it's a complicated tool (Pillar), and to produce Pdf, Html, 
whatever-custom-output-you-want, from a single source is no simple task. 
However, if we are to improve the situation, we need to improve the process and 
bring all the booklets up to date using pillar v8.0.X. Also, not an easy task 
and time-consuming.

I'm willing to give some time to this, but I don't see any documentation for 
Pillar v8.0.X? Or much for any previous versions, either? Especially useful 
would be a document describing the differences in Pillar markup from previous 
versions. I see a chapter in Enterprise Pharo (pillar 4.0, I believe?), and two 
booklets (one outdated, one not so much). Neither of the booklets are produced 
with 100% correct output using pillar v8.0.2. What happened to pillar 5 and 6?

There was also a mention in the Pillar booklet about a pillarhub open-access 
shared blog, but the link seems to be dead? http://pillarhub.pharocloud.com/ (I 
think pharocloud.com is long gone, no?)

Can anyone point me to some recent docs on Pillar? If I have to read the source 
and figure things out myself, I'm willing to, but I guess I'm asking if anyone 
else is working on this stuff, is there a wiki, or has it been abandoned? Is it 
worth the effort to create yet another markdown-based publishing system? There 
are plenty in use already that might allow the effort to be put into the 
content instead of the framework to produce the content?

My comments here are not meant as criticism in any way, just trying to get a 
pulse on the Pillar project, and I'd like to start committing changes to 
content (via pull-requests of course).

Stephen Smith
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