> - then that OB can be loaded on top of Pharo. Remember we are not against OB 
>we just do not have
>   the knowledge to maintain it. So if lukas gets OB working for 1.4 beta then 
>we will probably include in Pharo.
>   Now if OB is working for 1.4 only three months after 1.4 is released then 
>we will not include it.

Yes please, do not wait for me.

Just to repeat myself: With Pharo 1.4 having uncountable changes in
core parts of the system and with the system including more and more
forked and increasingly incompatible versions of packages (AST, RB,
FS, Shout, Regex, ...) I am unwilling to go through the same pain as
with Pharo 1.3 again. In the current state, I don't see any of the
code I am involved with (including Seaside, Magritte, Pier, OB,
PetitParser, ...) to move forward. I suspect that moving to another
development platform soon causes less pain than to move to adopt the
next Pharo :-(


Lukas Renggli

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