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Hi Stef,

Indeed, it took a bit of time to get things to work.

I think the welcome archetype is a bit misleading in that it does not serve a 
specific purpose. I would focus the instructions on the book archetype (welcome 
is not a book).
yes I think so too.

I started to update the tutorial
    - with script to download pillar
    - avoid to modify the makefile to change the output.

Pay attention it seems that when you do

    ./pillar archetype welcome

    you cannot to

    ./pillar archetype book so I flushed everything and it "worked"
I see that there are some changes recently, so I would wait to try.

What I did previously was:
        wget --no-check-certificate 
        chmod +x download.sh
        ./pillar archetype book
With me this work.
                make book

Now I was puzzled by the resulting pdf :)
The template should be probably modified because I could not get why there is an empty chapter + a part + chapters after
Then I had to override copySupport.mk with the following file (because it does 
not work on Mac):
        wget --no-check-certificate 
        mv copySupport.mk support/makefiles/copySupport.mk
Strange. I have the impression it worked at my place.

I would code all that in Pharo instead of arcane and undebuggable bash unix mix of scripts. Damien is telling to me that it would take longer to develop but I do not believe that a recursive copy not copying figures would
be that complex :). And at least we can debug it.

I just did not get the time to do it.



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I followed the pillarChap and I could get it running :(

Installing and Exporting your First Document

You first need to get Pillar. For that, we recommend downloading and exe- 
cuting the script available at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pillar-markup/ 
pillar/master/download.sh in the base directory if you are on an Unix environ- 

        chmod +x download.sh

Then, you can load an archetype (see Section 14.2) with command:

        ./pillar archetype welcome

You have the possibility to rename the directory in which your files will be 
exported. To do that you have to change the OUTPUTDIRECTORY variable in the 

        OUTPUTDIRECTORY = result

Then, you can check everything is working fine by creating a first.pillar file 
with this content:

!Hello World

And finally compiling it from a terminal (see Section 14.6 for more informa- 
tion about the command-line interface):

        make result/first.html

make result/welcome.html
make: *** No rule to make target `result/welcome.html'.  Stop.

there is a welcome.pillar so I should be able to get welcome.html

Now I do not get the expression make result/first.html

cp welcome.pillar first.pillar
   tryingFromDoc make result/first.html
make: *** No rule to make target `result/first.html'.  Stop.

I think that this doc is simply bogus. Each time I tried it
I have to fix it radically.

make welcome is working so may be this is what we should add to the doc.
I do not think that Pillar guys are reading this mailing-list so I will try to 
save what should be saved. :(




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