Hi Hilaire, all,

I started digging this morning on this issue, and I see why we can have such problems.

Apparently, there is some strange case that produces a bug in UIManager. To explain it with code, the UIManager should satisfy allways the following invariant.

"If executed from a workspace/playground. i.e., the UI process itself:"
UIManager default uiProcess == Processor activeProcess. => true

Somehow, in the image you provided me, it is not the case.

I'm still taking a look at what would cause this. And I also think we still have this bug in pharo 6 (and thus pharo 5) because I found it lately very often.

In the meantime, if you find that your image is causing you these problems, you can workaround it by executing:

UIManager default spawnNewProcess.

Once you do that, the ui process should come back to a correct state and the debugger should behave as expected.


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Can you send me your email at hilaire [at] drgeo.eu, I can't have it
through the Gmane news forum.


Le 19/09/2016 à 10:21, Guille Polito a écrit :
Hillaire, if you have an image with the problem, can you forward it to
me? I'm looking forward to kill this bug with my axe.

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