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>> Speaking for myself, I honestly would not think about clicking on the ? icon 
>> to expect these kinds of instructions. I cannot say exactly why, I only have 
>> a feeling that the ? does not transmit to me that there are ‘power user’ 
>> tips, and I expect a ? icon to just tell me basic things. 
> Thanks for the feedback. Still, my question remains: is the help explanatory 
> enough or do we need to improve it?

After reading through everything, I think it’s actually too long. There is too 
much information and it is structured as a story. You could read all of this 
once (although I think many people will give up after a few pages), but there 
is no way to remember all of this information.

My suggestion is to add something like a quick reference card (remember those?) 
for Spotter. For example like 
http://marc-abramowitz.com/archives/2006/04/10/emacs-22-reference-card/ This 
has to be manually curated, something like the ‘Extensions installed in the 
image’ is not right because again it’s too much info and not ordered in 
sequence of importance. Then add a button to the UI so that this can be shown 
when needed.

Does this mail seem too brief? Sorry for that, I don’t mean to be rude! Please 
see http://emailcharter.org .

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