> Mariano,
> this would be a perfect article for your blog (hint, hint) and I'd be 
> one of the first and excited readers. I must admit I sometimes am 
> frightened by all the filters and whatnot that I could be using for 
> certain tasks. I always feel like I miss half of what the power of 
> Seaside is because there is no documentation or tutorias on all that 
> stuff (or are there????)


There is some documentiation on the net, but documentation is often obsolete - 
even official documentation (book.seaside.st for example).
Blog post is nice and welcome, but blogs and blog systems die sometimes and 
then what? Also there is some article/blog post for very old Seaside, another 
article for pre-actual Seaside and no article for actual Seaside... Central 
point (under pharo.org) for all the valid actual knowledge resources is 
necessary (IMHO).

> So it would be great if you could not only share your code but also 
> explain it a little bit, for dummies like me...
> Joachim

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