Hi Pablo

This is great to know that Cordoba is teaching OOP in Pharo. Let us know how we can help you.

Why don't you move to Pharo 50 because we fixed a lot of issues in 3 years.

And the mooc

http://mooc.pharo.org (which has been evaluated to be worth 180 000 Euros - yes three salaries for some months and professional videos processing and translation) is based on Pharo 50.

So you get 30 live videos for free.

Not counting all the lectures.


Le 22/9/16 à 16:58, Pablo Frias a écrit :
Hi all,

We are teaching Smalltalk at the Universtity of Cordoba, Argentina with Pharo, but we are having the following issue. Sometimes y in different workstations, we notice that when instantiating an object and setting values using the accesors methods, the values are added in the object, but in different instance variables.

For example:


a := MyPersonObject new.
a age: 35.
a name: 'Person name'.

But when using the object, we notice that 35 has been saved to name and the string to age.

Is that a known issue? Unfortunately we haven't tested Pharo 5.0 yet, so I cannot tell you if it is already fixed.

Our current image is: Pharo 3.0 on Windows.

Thanks in advance,

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