Guillermo created Garage because the consortium asked and payed him to do and I think that he did it well. Now Guillermo does not use any database during his development and he is busy to work on many important tasks for Pharo.

I will ask Guillermo to declare Garage as dead and people should not come and cry that DB is not well supported in Pharo. I never understood why the code of UDBC was not pushed into Garage.


PS: So now people can tell me that I'm insulting torsten or whatever. Feel free. I found the situation quite sad in fact and quite also discouraging.

Le 17/10/16 à 15:49, Esteban A. Maringolo a écrit :
2016-10-17 8:12 GMT-03:00 Norbert Hartl <>:
Does anyone use Garage SQL drivers with sqlite in pharo >= 5?
Garage SQLite driver doesn't work on Pharo 5, the FFI API changed and
Garage wasn't updated to use UFFI.
You have to use Torsten version in UDBC.

Gofer it
         smalltalkhubUser: 'TorstenBergmann' project: 'UDBC';
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfUDBC) loadBleedingEdge.


Esteban A. Maringolo

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