Hi Otto,

for things like that, I would consider looking into the SmaCC visitor automatic generation. From an grammar, SmaCC creates the class, respecting an eventual inheritance constraint you specify, adds the instance variables, and generates the visitor (and an equality test too).

Regarding state machines generation, what class of automatons are you looking at? Because I'm looking at automatons generation by reusing SmaCC (for a tentative hardware architecture subject).



Le 18/10/2016 à 10:01, Otto Behrens a écrit :
+1 for the visitor. What would be nice is to generate methods in the
form #visit<Class Name>: for all classes in a given hierarchy (eg
Magritte's MAVisitor). The default implementation of such a method
would be to call #visit<My Super Class name>:

We have been using state machines for a long time and have built
generators for it (on a previous project, for which I do not have the
code). I still think that is a useful idea. It is difficult for the
code generator to maintain changes in the generated code with changes
in the "spec". Will you then define a DSL for the state machine?

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 9:29 AM, Julien Delplanque <jul...@tamere.eu> wrote:

A generator for the visitor design pattern:
- Generate methods in visited objects: VisitedObject>>#accept: (with the
selector name configurable)
- Generate empty methods (or methods with a "self subclassResponsability" if
an abstract visitor is generated)
called in #accept: methods of VisitedObjects in the Visitor i.e
Visitor>>#acceptVisitedObject: (with the selector
name configurable again).

Each time this design pattern has to be used, it is annoying to write by
hand all these methods.



On 18/10/16 07:24, Hernán Morales Durand wrote:

Hi guys,

I am writing a code generator, doing a few iterations right now.
I want your opinion, which most useful thing would you like to be
automatically? It could be a pattern, an idiom, another language...

For example my own wish (roadmap) list:

- A "settings framework" settings class generator.
- A state machine generator (based in the excellent paper of Trevor P.
- A Spec UI generator.

Let me know your thoughts.



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