Yes, this is another one and I would like to see a nice interface to clang that 
then generated all the glue code for a given library based on its public header 

Smalltalk Agents used to do something like this.  You could point it at a 
library and it would open it and generate Smalltalk bindings to everything the 
library exported.

Ben has been blogging about experiments with just this, I'm kind of following 
along in his footsteps.  Being able to import pretty much any library with a 
few clicks and use it from Pharo would go a long way towards making it 
attractive for real development.  It seems rather silly we are doing all this 
painstaking work to keep database drivers and such up to date when we might be 
able to automate the bulk of it.

> On Oct 18, 2016, at 10:38, wrote:
> They are useful for writing VM plugins for example. The generic part.

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